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The Viking’s story

I want to help you build an amazing WordPress website cheaper, faster than if you would do it all alone.

Hi! My name is Attila Nagy from Hungary, and I’m the Co-founder and Chief Viking here at WPViking.

Around 2013, I got into the online marketing and business world. Love became at first sight. I soon discovered that every online business starts with a website, so I began to research what I can do as a non-techie. Then I found WordPress, but I had to spend long months, countless blog posts and videos to get to an acceptable level with the system.

I failed with 2 businesses in the following 2 years, but I didn’t give up.

In 2015, the idea came to my mind.

“I want to build an online course that will help the people like me to build amazing websites with WordPress.”

Here’s the story of WPViking…

The Vikings from Hungary

I started to work on it, but I couldn’t make the most comprehensive course as a non-coder, so I asked my web designer brother Bence if he wanted to join the journey.

So two of us started the adventure on the bumpy roads in September 2015, for the time in the Hungarian language.

I, an online marketing nerd, who makes it understandable the complicated programming jargon for a normal person and Bence, who understands WordPress and design in depth.

7 months needed until the 1st sale

We worked countless hours to figure out the structure of the first version of the course. In half a year we finished with the beta, which we saw as worth selling.

A couple of weeks later, we’ve got what we worked so hard. Someone has entrusted us with the money to pay for our knowledge. We got our first sale. Yippy!

Developing our courses – The 3 pillars of web design

Due to the increasing number of customers, we got a lot of feedback about the courses.

We’ve found out that 80% of a website’s creation can be broken down into concrete steps and 3 big pillars. This is how we began to develop our product and break down the lessons into different courses.

WPKurzus csapata

Growing our team and improving our production

As successes came, our appetite was getting bigger. We started to develop and organize our former unorganized processes. The team grew with a world-class marketing assistant and a video editor, so the quality of our videos increased dramatically.

More compact, shorter videos and detailed descriptions are available to make them easier to understand.

On the side, we started to organize live workshops.

WPKurzus Live

It’s time to go international

At the beginning of 2019, we have started to complete our long-cherished dream of helping a much larger audience in English.

With over 1,600 students, we have proven that our method works for a 16-year-old Z generation kid as well as a 65-year-old grandmother who wanted to create a WordPress blog about knitting.

We have spent a lot of resources on the English expansion, but as you can see, we have done it.

And the story continues…

What are we woking for?

Our mission is to help as many people in the world as possible to make their dreams come true, to achieve their goal by building a simple, high-quality website, better marketing, and a more valuable business.

With this in mind, we update our existing lessons and create new ones day after day.

And what does the future hold?

We have a lot of plans, but I won’t tell you everything now…

If you are interested in exclusive info, I recommend you join our free workshop to get started. All you have to do is register by clicking the button.

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Attila Nagy

Co-Founder, CEO

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Co-Founder, CTO

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Online marketing assistant

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Online marketing assistant

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