When you create a WordPress website, your biggest decision is choosing your theme. Still, the most asked question for me is: Which theme to choose? I think the best is choice is Divi from Elegant Themes. Since I have used many themes, I have a great idea about the differences so I can explain to you what you need to know about Divi.

Let’s see the details!

About the Divi Theme Generally

Let’s start with the name. Why do they have two names?

It is often referred as “Elegant Themes – Divi” because Elegant Themes is the development team and Divi is their main theme. I’m just going to call it Divi.

This is the most sold WordPress theme in the world. They are not present on marketplaces like ThemeForest, but completely separate. They do the branding, marketing and sales for themselves. They are doing it quite good 😉

Elegant Themes - Divi Website
Used by more than 500,000 paid customers

Yes, a lot of people use it – and not by accident. I think Divi will be the most sold and best WordPress theme for a long time.

You don’t need to be able to code

Nowadays it’s usual but it’s worth to mention.

Of course, like all good WordPress themes, Divi does not require any programming skills.

With simple clicks and a drag and drop builder you can build up your entire website.

Divi Theme Settings

The installation is, of course, very simple, it works like with other paid themes.

Once you’ve installed WordPress and purchased the theme, you can start building your website.

You can choose from a bunch of options in the theme settings so you can set up what you need. If you are unsure, the information boxes will be your great help.

Divi Theme Options
Divi – Theme Settings

In addition, there is the Theme Customizer where you can do settings visually. If you change a font or a colour, you can see immediately what is the result. This will save you a lot of time.

Divi - Theme Customizer
Divi – Theme Customizer

The Elegant Themes Design

The team, as its name suggests, is famous for its beautiful, modern, clean design. No unnecessary bells and whistles. Simple elements, attention to colour schemes, and navigate your visitors easily.

Years ago the team built dozens of themes. After a while, they realized that it would be much more needed to build an amazing one. That’s Divi.

To help people with a variety of topics the designed special looks, layouts, but I’ll talk about this in minutes.

The drag and drop style Visual Builder

This the essence of the whole theme.

In WordPress, you can create unique designs with page builders. Divi has its own builder: Visual Builder.

This has been specially developed for the theme and is one of the best (if not the best) site builder on the market.

Visual page creation means you can work on a front-end interface. People call this WYSIWYG experience so what you see is what you get.

The system is very fast and easy to use. When you start it you’ll get a short tutorial from Nick the founder of Elegant Themes.

Fortunately, they do not stop developing it, they make the building experience more user-friendly constantly.

What features Visual Builder has?

  • The default design is top-notch.
  • Very fast, you don’t have to wait between steps to load.
  • It’s easy to get used to the interface. If you have already used another editor, it will be at least as easy and as a new user, you will feel as if you have using it for weeks.
  • The structure is logical.
  • You can customize the settings for your own needs.
  • If you made a mistake, you can reverse it easily

The Visual Builder has a couple of extremely important parts, so we look at them in detail.


The modules will be pre-prepared elements of your website that you can use to build your content. You consider these like Lego pieces. They have different functions, and you can simply select the ones you need.

Divi - Modules
Divi – Modules

You get everything here that can be needed for a website. There are 37 different pre-made modules right and it’s only 1 click to put them on your page.

You can easily manage, copy, personalize them.

Saving and copying modules, sections, pages

The Divi library stores your previously created content.

You can save your already created modules and load them on any other page of your site, or even on a completely different website.

Just think about a button. It has a selected colour, a shape, padding, size or an icon. To set it on each page is a lot of time. However, if design it once and save it to the library, you will only need a click next time: to load from the library.

And that’s not all…

You can save whole sections. Imagine a section with a title, text, 8 icons in one of the columns, another one has an image and etc. You can save all of this and you can load it later with a click.

And you guessed it. You can save entire pages. In addition, if I make a page, I can give it to you, which you can easily insert into your website. This gives the Divi true power.

Divi has, of course, pre-made layouts (more than 850 pages at the time of article writing). You just have to pick one (or more) of them, and if you like something, you can load it right away.

Divi - Layout Packs
Divi – Layout Packs

Built-in A/B Test

The built-in A/B test feature will be a great help if you want to test what works best for your visitors.

Very few themes provide this feature for you. With Divi, you don’t need any special tools, software, you can simply do the A/B test with your theme.

You just have to select a module or section and set more than 1 option. Then you will see which one works better with your conversion target.

Built-in A/B test feature
Built-in A/B test feature

Testing has never been easier.


As I said, the developers of Elegant Themes have created their own plugins, which of course work perfectly with Divi.

Bloom is a popup plugin. It’s very advanced and they made cool designs that you can easily customize to your own taste.

Bloom - Pop-up plugin
Bloom – Pop-up plugin

You can create a classic pop-up window, an exit pop-up, and even protected content.

Of course, the plugin integrates well with every big email marketing software.

Their other plugin is the Monarch, which makes social sharing easy.

Monarch - Social Sharing Plugin
Monarch – Social Sharing Plugin

With Monarch, you can display sharing buttons almost anywhere. As a popup, above, under or side to your content.

Its design will be pretty nice.

Customer Service and Documentation

It’s very important to know where to look for solutions when you get stuck somewhere.

Fortunately, Divi provides comprehensive documentation. It helps with videos, pictures and texts.

If the documentation does not help, you can ask questions.

They have live chat support, which is a huge help. Ask your problems any time.

Websites that have a Divi theme

It is interesting to check how users create different websites with a given theme.

On this page a lot of good examples have been collected for this.

We also have a post where I present 30+websites created by Divi.

We used Divi to build this site and for hundreds of other projects too.

How much does the Divi theme cost?

In the “theme market”, Divi has the most favourable structure.

There are 2 different payment options:

You can pay for it annually or you can choose lifetime access which is a one-time purchase.

You will receive updates and support as long as your account is valid.

Since we have been working with there team for a long time, we have a big discount:

If you want to buy Divi with an annual subscription, we have a 20% discount.

If love lifetime access (like I do) we have a 10% discount.

If you think you will need the theme for more than 3 years, the one-time purchase is the better choice for you.

Pro Tip: If you don’t want to invest $224 in the beginning, try Divi out for $70 (they have a money back guarantee). If you like it, after a few months of testing, you can upgrade to the lifetime version for $160 anytime. After that, you will have a full account for lifetime.

Note 1: People ask me all the time: “what happens if they do not pay for the theme after 1 year and they cancel their subscription”. The answer is that you will not get more updates, so after a while, you will have a buggy theme, which is by no means recommended. In addition, you will not be able to use the layouts they design. So keep your subscription for as long as you run your website.

Use it on any number of domains

A huge advantage is that you do not need to buy the theme several times. You can use it on any number of domains.

It doesn’t matter what payment option you choose. If you build 6 different websites, you don’t have to pay more.

This is the best deal you’ll hear this year.


The Elegant Themes – Divi theme has great features and benefits. I recommend it to everyone.

It’s true that it is more expensive than most themes, but if you want to create a website for a business, it’s worth it.

With our discount (in the case of an annual payment option), the theme costs $6 per month, which is incredibly cheap.

If you are planning in the long term, you can purchase a Lifetime license.

Of course, they are constantly developing the theme, so it will always be one of the best on the market.

It doesn’t matter who uses it. A beginner, an advanced or a pro. Everyone can make the most of its potential.