1.600+ Viking students

built their websites with our help.

1.600+ Viking students

built their websites with our help.


If you’re still thinking, get involved right away! It will be your best investment because you will learn it. For sure. 🙂 These guys will teach you. The learning materials are built up logically, with high-quality videos, everything explained clearly. Supported by the texts and descriptions, the lessons are even more understandable and processable.

If you have any questions, Attila, Bence, and other students will honestly and willingly help you in the Facebook group.

Viktor Kovari

Kántor Csilla

I first heard about the course back in 2017 and after the first few videos, I knew that I made the right decision when I joined. Lots of information, learning materials, and extras, with easy-to-digest, informative, non-techie language: these things make this course ideal for absolute beginners too.

I don’t know any similar offer with so many learning materials for such a good price and moreover, with lifetime access. Don’t hesitate, join the WPViking community! 🙂

Szilvia Kristof-Varga

Kristóf-Varga Szilvia

It is rare that a course explains, shows every small step that you have to take to create your own website. 

Csaba Révai

Révai Csaba

Lifetime access to the courses, instant help with everything, useful tips, and tricks, paid plugins for free… Need I say more? 🙂

Alex Setler

Setler Alex

Before starting the course, I already signed up for the newsletter and watched all the videos Attila posted. I didn’t join the online course for a long time because I had a bad experience with an online web design course – but that was my fault.

I can only say positive things about your online course, and the layout is a HUGE help. Anyone who can’t build a website with the help of the learning materials they get from you just doesn’t really want to do it. You give the students every tool and much more, for which is I am really grateful.

Since I have access, I can search for any topic in my WPViking profile, as I know I will definitely find a solution there. The Facebook group is also really helpful.

So big like for the WPViking team!

Thank you.

Csilla Kantor

Kántor Csilla

I have to tell you that I have NEVER written a letter like this. There is no reason for that, I’m just not that type. I have been working in the field of marketing for more than 15 years, I have already done everything and much more. 😀

When I wanted a new website for my clients, there was always something wrong with the process. Everything was so cumbersome, and the expert who I loved to work with after some time was too swamped. So I started learning. It’s not a secret that your course wasn’t the first one in this topic that I applied for. I have already finished another one and it was also good BUT I got the most useful skills for what I needed the most form you.

Thanks to constant improvements and updates, it is fantastic to be able to keep up with this rushing world. Today I was surprised that I got an answer for my question is 5 minutes. I usually try to solve everything by myself, but in this case, I made it too complicated and something didn’t work, but Bence and the Facebook group solved this problem in the blink of an eye.

In short: thank you!

Just keep going, I will remain your soulful fan.

Anita Szabo-Hornos

Szabó-Hornos Anita
csirapiac.hu weboldal

At first, it seems to be a bit too much learning materials to go through, but it’s absolutely worth it! It gives you a strong base to start building websites with confidence.

Before joining the course, I knew nothing about WordPress and website building, but with the help of the videos and the Facebook group, I already have several pages up and running (and I enjoy creating websites more and more) 🙂

Zsuzsa Pintye

Pintye Zsuzsa

I joined WPViking in the very beginning. Attila was very sympathetic and explained the basics of WordPress in a very understandable way.

I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I ever made to join the “all-in” course back in 2017. The amount of value I have received ever since has been priceless.

The free plugins were only the cherry on top. Now I’m building up my own profitable course with the help of the materials.

Laszlo Kreisz

Kreisz László

You can start your WordPress journey on your own, but it’s much easier with help. I also started in a self-taught way and gained experience for years. Then I decided to buy the WPViking course to develop my skills.

They cover a lot of things that you wouldn’t even think important at first but are essential for a good website.

Csaba Bertalan

Bertalan Csaba

The video lessons are easy to follow, they are constantly updated and improved, and you can learn at your own pace. The Facebook group is really helpful!

Roland Csongradi

Csongrádi Roland

The course is awesome! It starts at a beginner level, so it provides a strong base to newbies and those who already have some experience with website building. If it’s too fast, you can watch it again as many times as you want. Thank you for the valuable knowledge!

Janos Balint

Bertalan Csaba

Definitely YES!

If you are still hesitating, I definitely recommend joining, because this course teaches you an incredibly useful skill.

These guys created the most professional learning material and by mastering it, anyone – really, anyone – will be able to implement their ideas in WordPress.

Donat Gyenes

Gyenes Donát

It was a great decision when I chose the WPViking courses to create my own website! I had to build a page quickly and I had never done a WordPress website until then. The time was quite pressing. I immediately started to buy a web host and the Divi theme and I immediately start working.

Logically, understandably, step by step, Attila helped a lot on the rough paths of WordPress, which I would not have started alone inexperienced.

Since then, I grateful to myself that I have paid for the courses and built my website easily.

Andrea Lukats

Lukáts Andrea

When I joined WPViking I already had some experience with WordPress, but not nearly as much that would make me feel confident with website building.

I chose the harder path: I spent tremendous amount of time searching on the net while I made no progress with the practical implementation.

Because of this, I was able to appreciate even more the help of the courses.

Maybe I could have finished my website without the courses after some time, but I’m sure it would take much more time and the result would be a much worse quality, and moreover, with hidden bugs that I only discover when there’s already trouble…

Thank you that I could avoid all these things! 🙂

Lilla Kisberi-Varga

Kisbéri-Varga Lilla

I have learned so much, from the basics to my webshop. It’s been a couple of years since I bought it, but I haven’t found a better course than this!

Laszlo Abonyi

Abonyi László

I am very grateful to you for creating these courses. I’ve been struggling for months, I wasn’t sure if I should buy it or not?

Now I know that I should have to listened to my common sense and buy it immediately. Although I wasn’t a beginner, and it wasn’t me who laid down the foundation of my website, I learned a lot from the courses.

From the beginning to the end, it is logically structured, the language is understandable, simple, and even humorous; it gives you an “I can do it” feeling, and you really can do it, too!

Erika Fekete

Fekete Erika

I just finished the WordPress Blueprint course recently, but I already see it’s worth buying.

There are a lot of little things you don’t think of as a beginner, and of course, the core of the website building process is described in detail.

Successful Website Creation = WPViking!

Jozsef Safar 

Gál Attila

When I started, I didn’t know Divi, but it was love at first sight. I developed to an advanced level with the courses easily, at my own pace.

But WPViking is not just a course. For me, the biggest advantage of lifetime access is that if I get stuck in something, I will surely find the solution in the lessons not just now, but even years later.

Laszlo Stinner

Stinner László

I wanted to learn WordPress for years, as I took part in editing quite a few websites,  but as I know nothing about programming, I was always scared to do anything on the admin panel.

I was really happy to discover that I don’t need to be a programmer to build a working website. When someone in my family needed a business website I knew it was time to start learning WordPress and I had no doubt that I will finish the entire process from beginning to end.

It’s not a secret that I would like to make it my profession in the future, as I love to express my creativity. It was also a big advantage that we won’t need any external help with the website not only during the building but also during any future changes.

What I really love is that I can manage my own time, I can go back to any lessons or topics in the future, there is always somebody in the Facebook group who can help me if I’m stuck (I have experienced it many times and I’m really thankful for that), and I hope I will be able to help others in the future!

To sum up, I was given a huge boost by completing the course and I enjoyed the time spent creating the website. Thank you for the knowledge I was able to acquire through your course.

Julia Mikola

Gál Attila

With their systematic, well-structured materials, they provided full transparency on the processes that help me creating a high-quality, perfectly functioning website. The division and depth of the topics, together with the checklists resulted that after the first practical application I was able to accomplish each workflow three or four times faster during the editing. WPViking helped me to benefit from my previous knowledge in the best possible way and build it together with the well-functioning, clear approach that the lessons provided. 

For my websites, I use Divi from Elegant Themes and the plugins created by them. I would like to highlight the official support background of Elegant Themes, with videos, descriptions, forums, and other help for each element and topic if something isn’t clear. It saves a lot of time for the users.

Buying lifetime access was the best decision!

Roland Gorbe

Kácser Noémi

Before WPViking I spent days figuring out a single solution for a problem in Divi. I thought I could learn to use it without any help, which was partly true.

However, when I started designing better websites, I encountered obstacles that I could not solve without WPViking.

The Facebook group is fantastic, everyone is incredibly helpful, not to mention the team!

Timea Csernyine Veron

Csernyiné Veron Tímea

I had been struggling with WordPress for a year when I found WPViking. First, I watched all videos in about 2 weeks.

After that, I bought the Divi theme and put our website together in 1 month while working in 2 jobs and creating all the graphical parts.

The lessons are easy-to-understand for a non-techie too. Now I perfectly understand the logic of WordPress and I really like it. Thanks for everything!

Noemi Kacser

Kácser Noémi

I have tried to create a WordPress page before joining this course. I have spent too much time on it and now I see that I skipped some really important settings.

I really liked that with WPViking, I could follow a predetermined syllabus, and I didn’t have any chance not to build my own website.

Jozsef Safar

Gál Attila

I have been working in the field of online marketing for a long time.

In theory, I always knew what I wanted to see when I was building my site. I’ve always told this to a programmer, but the result was still disappointing. Also, the building process was incredibly slow, and I had to wait for weeks even for small fixes.

When I found WPViking, I already knew I needed it. I bought the largest package straight away, and after 2 weeks the page I wanted was already there. It looked just the way I wanted it to.

The educational videos are excellent and clear. I got the kind of knowledge that I’ve always dreamed of.

Attila Debreczeni 

Debreczeni Attila

Youthful, dynamic, professional, well-prepared team.

Both their videos and blog posts prove that they are masters of their field without exaggeration.

Eva Magyar

Magyar Éva

Although I have been doing graphic design for 20 years, web designing was far from me. From time to time I tried to learn it, from HTML to Dreamweaver, without any real success.

Finally, WPViking helped me building my first website. By now I think all pieces came together, and after building 5-6 sites, I start new web design projects with great pleasure.

Bator Bakos

Bakos Bátor

As I’m not an IT guy, I need more time to memorize different settings. The learning materials helped me a lot as I’m able to watch again the videos anytime, and this way I always know when, how, and what to set in Divi and in WordPress.


Attila Gal

Gál Attila

I was able to master a fundamental knowledge of WordPress.

Most of all, I liked the practical side of the lessons.

Based on the videos, you can build your website easily, and I appreciated that I got useful tips and guidance for SEO, marketing, security, and plugins, right from the start.

I really liked the founder guys, they were very helpful and I’ve got a lot of ideas and solutions for my website in the private Facebook group.

Anita Helga Peter

Péter Anita Helga

At first, I used another system, but thanks to WPViking, I was very happy to discover WordPress. It encouraged me to start my own blog.

The courses are very clear and everything is explained well. I would recommend WordPress to anybody with very little or zero website programming knowledge to create a blog or a nice, easy-to-use website.

Zsolt Toth


One of the most important factors of our online Lifestyle magazine is that we can upload and personalize the content quickly and easily. With the help of WPViking I could build the whole website from scratch. No developer was needed, but if I had any questions, I got an answer in the Facebook group almost immediately. 🙂

The lessons are structured in a logical order, they are super easy to follow,  and they give a rock-solid base for creating a well-functioning WP website. For those who want to learn all the tricks of creating their own website, I only recommend the WPViking!

Barbara Tilly

Tilly Barbara

I started my WordPress journey as an absolute beginner, and I was really happy for the understandable, practical learning materials. The links below the videos also helped a lot. I had some really bad layout versions but after some dead-ends, finally, I was able to create the web design. It feels really great to see on the screen what I only had in my mind! Thank you for the course!

Erzsebet Deline Pocze


Our family business needed a website, which I wanted to create myself. I found the WPViking courses and I have to say it was the best choice considering the value I got for my money.

The videos guided me along my WordPress journey, they are easy to understand and covered every topic. With their help, I created our website from scratch, without any qualification, in only a few months. We are currently working on our webshop! I absolutely recommend WPViking! Thank you, guys!

Georgina Kohalmi


WPViking did professional work by creating this course. I didn’t expect that they will come up with so many new courses that all the former members will get free.

With the downloadable plugins, they provide such a big value that makes their offer irresistible for those who would like to create a WordPress-based website.

Balazs Biro

I’ve been thinking about switching to WordPress for years. I’ve heard both good and bad things about it. I built my previous website by myself on different platforms with more or less success. I found WPViking on the internet – just in time. First, I hesitated, but then I started it, with Divi, the theme that was the most suitable theme for my goals. I loved its versatility, beauty, and simplicity.

The thematic videos helped me, an absolute beginner a lot. They showed everything, step by step. And the most convincing part for me was that when I got stuck somewhere, I got help almost immediately. Not from a program, but from two professionals, namely Attila and Bence. This helpful attitude is true even today. I recommend them to everybody. I didn’t regret the change. Thank you for your help!

Zoltan Venczel-Kovacs

Venczel-Kovács Zoltán

As a WordPress expert, I still could find a LOT of useful information in your courses.

In addition to being very useful, the courses are nicely put together and full of pro tips. I see the hard work you guys put in it.

I buy a lot of online courses, and in my experience, if somebody pays for it, then the high quality, almost flawless videos are a must.

Needless to say, WPViking fulfilled all my expectations – I’m completely satisfied 🙂

Balazs Molnar 

Domján Brigitta

The lessons helped me to plan my blog carefully instead of jumping right up in the middle of it. As it isn’t a profitable opportunity for me, I just wanted to help my parents, but it’s important to make a good impression through it. To achieve that, I have completed all the steps of the action plan and learned about all the necessary plugins, which I am particularly pleased about.

Eva Majoros

Majoros Éva

The videos are understandable and I learned about many functions and plugins that help with my work as a website developer.

Brigitta Domjan

Domján Brigitta

I had been using Drupal for years and I didn’t understand why I wasn’t able to create websites like the ones I see on a daily basis.

I decided to make the switch.

So I started to discover WordPress, and I almost immediately bought the Avada theme. After a while, I bought Divi too, and that’s when I heard about the course – just in time.

The first part of the course is the foundation and it is mandatory for everyone. My favorite video was the second one because I always knew that design has a key role, and this lesson is perfectly clear and well built-up. I use that knowledge ever since for example with color schemes, because if we do it our own way, the result will be a website that is like a parrot’s feathers.

Thank you for your hard work!

Laszlo Marik

Marik László

I’ve bought a couple of online courses in the last years on various online marketing topics. However, I am sure that none of the courses was so well-structured and understandable as WPViking, even if I think that I always bought great courses…

I could say that I was on level zero with web design when I started. I gave myself 2 weeks to achieve results with the tutorials.

On the third day, I already had a live website, which I didn’t even except.

The learning materials are so detailed and easy to understand that I was shocked why I waited to join WPViking for five months.

Tibor Papp 

Papp Tibor

I tried to do my best with the free and paid themes, but I always had some boundaries that didn’t let me achieve the results I wanted to see.

 I searched more closely in the market and the Divi theme was in line with my expectations, but when I decided to buy it, I was completely confused because I also heard about the Avada theme at the same time. A blogpost of WPViking helped me to make the decision and I chose Divi.

I didn’t want to spend too much time getting to know Divi, so it was obvious to buy the relevant course of the WPKurse.

The course helped me a lot to get to know Divi quickly and to use it in website building without help.

Lajos Varga 

Marik László

I am very proud of my website because I think it is super and I received a bunch of positive feedback from others. It was really worth the hard work I put in it because it became even better than I imagined at the beginning.

The courses were amazing, understandable, and practical. Attila can explain the technical stuff that even a beginner will understand quickly.

I have to say that I have already paid for a few courses, and I have often experienced that the lessons have outdated in the meantime. However, there are plenty of updates at the WPViking, which is a significant advantage over others.

I bought the Divi theme, it’s really easy to use. There are many creative features in it. When I got stuck somewhere, I immediately got help from the Divi support team or the WPViking Facebook group.

I like lifetime membership because I can search for videos at any time. The feeling that I don’t have to wait for a developer is priceless! If I want to change something on my website, I’ll do it on my own.

Edina Balogh

Balogh Edina

I was thinking a lot about which theme to choose, but finally, I decided on Divi. My website is almost ready and I have no regrets about my decision.

I am especially pleased with the WPViking video tutorials, without which it would have taken much longer.

Agnes Batta

Batta Ágnes

A WPKurzus tanfolyamai megfelelő alapot nyújtanak egy saját blog vagy webáruház elindításához. Viszont a specifikus megoldásokat mindenkinek magára kell igazítania. Sok hasznos információ elhangzik a videókban, amelyeket máshol nem mondanak el ilyen részletesen.

Endre Martin Maho

Mahó Endre Martin

When I bought the first course, I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know exactly what to expect. After the first videos I calmed down. By having already seen some parts of the course, I dare say you saved me at least 1 year by creating this course. And the value for money is also good. I have paid for some courses at different sites, and this one is the most informative and useful from all. Thank you for creating these videos. You gave a chance to be present on the web for many people who couldn’t have done it without your help. 

Laszlo Csiki

Csiki László

The WordPress system can be easily understood with the help of your lessons. You can explain everything in detail, while the course is well structured.

I think the Odin Layout Pack is the best, and the continuous improvements are amazing. I really love it.

The group is also a great help to learn from the questions and comments. I can solve all my problems with your help.

Congratulations on your courses and thank you for ensuring the opportunity of lifetime access.

Andras Ulrich

Ulrich András

At the time I got my Preparation certificate, I  already knew that you are professionals, so I immediately recommended your courses to one of my friends, who has already successfully completed them 🙂 You put together the learning materials very well, so if somebody wants to create a website with WP, I highly recommend them! Congratulations and thank you! 

Rajmund Juhasz

Young, professional team with appropriate expertise. They are absolutely ready to help with any questions or problems. I would recommend WPViking for everybody from absolute beginners (like me) to advanced website builders.

Zsolt Kulcsar

Very detailed and accurate materials. They follow the updates of the system and improve the lessons quickly.

Arpad Daniel Balogh

You get everything for a complete marketing toolkit. Marketing toolkit = website, e-mail marketing, SEO, tips and tricks… 

Richard Bajzath

The step-by-step instructions on planning and building my own website were amazing. Lots of useful information, short and concise lessons, clear explanations.

I am very pleased with the help and guidance.

Henriett Horvath

If you have no idea about websites, you are not confident with your knowledge, or you would like to get a better overview of the whole system, then WPViking is going to help you for sure.

Kata Bartyik

The course was a great help! I had to face the website building process with zero experience and you cleared out all the fuzzy parts, and finally, I was able to see WordPress as a well-structured system. You chose well the parts that are necessary for the start, so you also saved me a lot of time and energy. Thank you, guys! 

Kristof Olah

I find WPViking outstandingly professional and high-quality.

It offers an easy to understand, dynamic, valuable, and up-to-date material.

I’m always looking forward to your new posts. They are super useful with the development of my website.

I love the creative style and the tone of the videos. 

Laszlo Nagy