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Build your  business and WordPress website quicker, than you ever imagined.

No programming or designing skill needed.

Online business fundaments

What do you need if you are building a business?

When I started to learn about online businesses, like you, I knew nothing about coding or design and I didn’t have any experience in this field.

I was sure that I wanted a business, but I had no concept and I didn’t have any useful skills that would make me successful.

At that time, I didn’t even know what I should learn if I wanted to start my own business.

I applied for online courses and read blogs. I bounced between different topics, so it took me a lot of time to realize which ones are really important.

I knew one thing for sure: I needed a website.

I recognized that online businesses and websites were inseparable like Laurel and Hardy, Bonnie and Clyde or Ash and Pikachu.

Why is that?

Within a website, all marketing tactics and strategies are concentrated, but that time I didn’t know whether it was possible to learn how to create a website easily.

Erik happy with money

Learn or outsource

How can you get a website?

At the beginning of my journey, I wasn’t sure if I should learn to build my own website.

I didn’t even know if it was possible to create a website without any coding or designer skills.

The answer is simple, but at the same time it isn’t. Of course, you can build a site alone; this is the essence WordPress.


Can you make a GREAT website in as little time as possible?

That is the real question!

You have to think about the quality, the invested time and money too.

You can build sites in 3 ways:


By yourself, with Google and YouTube searches


By yourself, with well-structured courses


Outsourcing the whole project

Let’s talk about MONEY first. Here you can see how much does the creation of a website cost:

Cost to Build a Website


These are not exact numbers, it’s just an estimation, but I guess you get the idea.

You need hosting, domain name, and a great premium theme and page builder. That’s $150 and this is everything what you need for a great simple website.

If you take courses, you have to pay for them. You can do it for $7, $150 or even $1000. You need to find the best value for your money. To be honest, I think that we offer that.

When you buy a course, you are actually buying time. The creator of the course has put in years of experience and thousands of hours to simplify the steps and summarize it for you. I’ve been doing this every single day since 2015.

If you want to outsource the building of your website, you have to pay for a freelancer or an agency. If you choose this route, do not go for the cheapest offer because you won’t get. Believe me, I speak from experience.

So that’s all about the money…

Don’t forget the TIME you spend on it. You have to invest some time, even if you outsource the project.

Of course, the amount of time depends on the complexity of your website.

To build a typical business site it takes:

How many hours

You can’t get away with it without investing time. Yes, I think you know that you are going to waste a LOT of time if you are doing the whole thing by yourself because:


at the beginning, you can't figure out what basic settings do.


you don't know what theme and page builder to choose.


you don't know the connection of the different parts of WordPress.


you don't know which ones you will need from the over 56,000 plugins and how to set them up.


you do not know if you could complete a task more effectively than the way you learned it from the first blog post in the topic


and most importantly: you don’t know what you don’t know 🙂

It’s not easy to build a website, don’t blame yourself if you “failed”. When I started to work with WordPress, it took me months to learn just the basics…

Last but not least, let’s talk about QUALITY.


Without help, you’ll be able to achieve at most “okay” results, but generally, there will be a DIY feeling. And I didn’t talk about security and website speed, because I see a rather sad picture nowadays.

If you build your website with the help of a great course or if you outsource it to someone who really knows his stuff, the results going to be excellent.

Perhaps if you outsource, your website will be a bit more “unique”, but it depends mostly on the web developer.

It’s hard to quantify quality, but it’s incredibly important, whatever the purpose of your website is.

If you want to earn money with it, it is easier to calculate its value, but whatever your goal is, better quality will exponentially increase the chance for success.

However, we have only talked about the building part so far.

The maintenance of a website will also cost you money and time. It will cost the same in most cases, but there are 2 problems here.

  1. If you can’t learn it correctly from the Internet, then it will be hard to find out what is wrong with it.
  2. Secondly, even if someone makes your site, that doesn’t mean they will manage it, so you won’t be able to accomplish your marketing plans.

Understanding how WordPress works is an incredible value even if you don’t want to build entire websites. Soon this knowledge will be like using Excel 10 years ago…And the demand is growing year by year…

So yes, you can make a website alone, but it will take a lot of time, and the quality will be much worse.

With a well-structured course, you learn what you really need, and you don’t waste tremendous time.

You’ll learn an important skill, and you’ll be able to build a website quickly for any project.

You have to decide if it is worth it. I will do my best to make the answer a no-brainer.

When I joined WPViking I already had some experience with WordPress, but not nearly as much that would make me feel confident with website building.

I chose the harder path: I spent tremendous amount of time searching on the net while I made no progress with the practical implementation.

Because of this, I was able to appreciate even more the help of the courses.

Maybe I could have finished my website without the courses after some time, but I’m sure it would take much more time and the result would be a much worse quality, and moreover, with hidden bugs that I only discover when there’s already trouble…

Thank you that I could avoid all these things! 🙂

Lilla Kisberi-Varga

I have been working in the field of online marketing for a long time.

In theory, I always knew what I wanted to see when I was building my site. I’ve always told this to a programmer, but the result was still disappointing. Also, the building process was incredibly slow, and I had to wait for weeks even for small fixes.

When I found WPViking, I already knew I needed it. I bought the largest package straight away, and after 2 weeks the page I wanted was already there. It looked just the way I wanted it to.

The educational videos are excellent and clear. I got the kind of knowledge that I’ve always dreamed of.

Attila Debreczeni


Our WordPress teaching method

Whether you’re creating a blog, a business website, or an eCommerce store, the method is the same. We created the action plan for that, and if you follow it, the success is guaranteed.

WordPress Action Plan by WPViking

The steps are divided into 5 islands:

  1. Planning your website
  2. Creating the fundaments of the website
  3. Setting up plugins
  4. Creating pages
  5. Testing

The formula is simple, but we spent years creating the exact tasks and making them as easy as possible, so with our help you will be able to create your own website in just a few hours.

I am very proud of my website because I think it is super and I received a bunch of positive feedback from others. It was really worth the hard work I put in it because it became even better than I imagined at the beginning.

The courses were amazing, understandable, and practical. Attila can explain the technical stuff that even a beginner will understand quickly.

I have to say that I have already paid for a few courses, and I have often experienced that the lessons have outdated in the meantime. However, there are plenty of updates at the WPViking, which is a significant advantage over others.

I bought the Divi theme, it’s really easy to use. There are many creative features in it. When I got stuck somewhere, I immediately got help from the Divi support team or the WPViking Facebook group.

I like lifetime membership because I can search for videos at any time. The feeling that I don’t have to wait for a developer is priceless! If I want to change something on my website, I’ll do it on my own.

Edina Balogh

I tried to do my best with the free and paid themes, but I always had some boundaries that didn’t let me achieve the results I wanted to see.

 I searched more closely in the market and the Divi theme was in line with my expectations, but when I decided to buy it, I was completely confused because I also heard about the Avada theme at the same time. A blogpost of WPViking helped me to make the decision and I chose Divi.

I didn’t want to spend too much time getting to know Divi, so it was obvious to buy the relevant course of the WPKurse.

The course helped me a lot to get to know Divi quickly and to use it in website building without help.

Lajos Varga

Lajos Varga

The key for a successful website

Odin Package



(WORTH $47)

The Vikings didn’t go to battle without proper planning. You’ll get the knowledge of the course that will help you to prepare for building your website and creating a professional design.

No prior knowledge is required.

WordPress Blueprint

WordPress Blueprint

(Worth $297)

The course will help you understand the different parts of WordPress and their connections with each other. In addition, I will help you build the foundation of your website step by step with practical videos.

Being composed of bite-sized lessons, it’s easy to follow. You won’t notice it, but you will be create a well-structured WordPress system in a blink of an eye.

To complete, you will need the Preparation course



(WORTH $297)

With the world’s most sold premium theme and page builder, we’re going to get more creative.

After a brief technical review, I show you through specific examples that in a few hours you can become a master of the Visual Builder to create any page. You don’t even need any design skills.

To complete, you will need the Preparation and WP Blueprint course.

Preparation Course Overview

1. Welcome

  • Preparation – Welcome (06:12)
  • Preparation – Action Plan (05:24)

2. Design

  • Fonts (09:27)
  • Colors (08:59)
  • Images (10:41)

3. Planning

  • Reverse Engineering (17:06)
  • Planning Your Website (08:34)

Blueprint Course Overview

1. Beginnings

  • Welcome to the WordPress Blueprint Course (03:23)
  • WordPress Blueprint – Action Plan (02:43)
  • Choosing Your Hosting (07:25)
  • Installing WordPress with Siteground (08:53)
  • Hosting Settings (05:14)
  • Choosing Your Theme (11:01)
  • Buying and Installing Your Theme (03:36)

2. The Basics of WordPress

  • Dashboard (08:41)
  • Posts vs. Pages (06:00)
  • Default Settings (13:09)
  • Plugins – Introduction (08:31)
  • Widgets (13:05)
  • Adding New Users (04:01)

3. Posts

  • Adding a New Post (13:52)
  • Categories vs. Tags (07:36)
  • Using the Default Editor (15:24)
  • Using Images (10:00)
  • Other Media Blocks (05:17)
  • Reusable Blocks (01:53)

4. Pages

  • Creating Pages (05:34)
  • Creating a Menu (06:32)
  • Submenus and One Page Website (06:56)

5. Must-Have Plugins

  • Must-Have Plugins – Introduction (02:14)
  • Managing Comments (04:36)
  • Tracking Pixels
    • Facebook Remarketing Pixel (04:36)
    • Google Site Kit (07:48)
  • Privacy Policy – GDPR
  • Yoast SEO
    • Yoast – Configuration (04:49)
    • Yoast and Search Console (01:52)
    • Yoast – Functions (06:25)

6. Website Maintenance

  • Safety (07:57)
  • Updating WordPress (03:30)
  • Backup (01:41)
  • How to Build a Lightning Fast WordPress Site (09:16)
    • Optimizing and Resizing Images (06:15)
    • Optimizing Images with a Plugin (02:42)
    • Cache (03:54)
  • Troubleshooting (04:58)

7. Extra plugins

  • Plugin Library (01:59)
  • Opt-ins and Collecting Email Addresses (05:31)
  • Duplicate Post (01:51)
  • Facebook Box (03:07)
  • Instagram Feed (06:08)

8. Siteground

  • SSL (03:00)
  • How to Connect Cloudflare (01:24)

Divi Course Overview

1. Basics

  • Welcome to the Divi Course (02:40)
  • Divi – Action Plan (02:35)
  • Buying and Installing Your Theme (03:36)

2. Functions

  • Theme Options (03:50)
  • Theme Customizer (11:25)
  • Visual Builder (10:51)
  • Divi Library (06:04)
  • Support Center (02:48)

3. Creating Pages

  • Odin Layout Pack (06:26)
  • Modules (05:28)
  • Sections, Rows and Spacing – part1 (06:25)
  • Sections, Rows and Spacing – part2 (08:41)
  • Responsiveness (12:34)
  • Global Defaults (07:47)
  • Theme Builder (06:45)
    • Footer (02:36)
    • Archive Pages (05:51)
    • Posts (03:42)
    • Headers
  • Global Sections (02:54)
  • Batch Editing Colors (01:55)
  • Building a Page in Practice

4. Plugins

  • Bloom (10:41)
  • Monarch (07:52)

5. Final Touches

  • Pre-launch Testing
  • Congratulation (01:14)

When I started, I didn’t know Divi, but it was love at first sight. I developed to an advanced level with the courses easily, at my own pace.

But WPViking is not just a course. For me, the biggest advantage of lifetime access is that if I get stuck in something, I will surely find the solution in the lessons not just now, but even years later.

Laszlo Stinner

I have tried to create a WordPress page before joining this course. I have spent too much time on it and now I see that I skipped some really important settings.

I really liked that with WPViking, I could follow a predetermined syllabus, and I didn’t have any chance not to build my own website.

Jozsef Safar

Is the Odin package for you?




If you already have your own business but you want to spice up your marketing with a marketing-focused website.



A website is the fundament of 95% of businesses. If you gain this skill, you will be able to create the online presence of a new project anytime.

Website owner

Website owner

If you already have a website, but you would like to pimp it up or completely redesign it, then you have to know how it works. We provide you all the help you need for that.

Marketing specialist

Marketing specialist

It’s almost a basic requirement to be confident with WordPress, to be able to quickly create a good-looking and converting sales page, or even an entire website.



It is hard to stand out from the crowd after graduation. Website building will soon be as essential skill as Microsoft Word was 5 years ago. If you are good in it, your first month’s salary can be higher by the amount you invested in the course.

Future blogger

Future blogger

When starting a blog, it is a great help if your system also supports your fascinating content.
If you start with WordPress, with due care, you will be ahead of your competitors, even at the very beginning.

No prior knowledge is required

The course starts from the basics, so you don’t need any designer, website builder or programming knowledge. However, you will need some basic computer skills, but if you regularly use your PC and the internet, you almost certainly have those.

Of course, it’s also okay if you’ve already gained a little more background knowledge. Some parts of the material will be familiar, but we will help you to turn it into a complex knowledge that will enable you to build WordPress websites.

Free Bonuses

Extra bonuses in the package

Preparation Workbook

Preparation Workbook

(WORTH $17)

We give you a workbook for preparation, so you don’t have to think about it. You just have to fill out the fields with the right information. This makes the planning and later the implementation much faster.

Best Tools for Planning

Best Tools for Planning

(WORTH $17)

There are many different online tools that make your work easier to create a website. 3rd party tools, Google Chrome extensions, applications help you plan, design and build. We show you what we use for our different projects.

Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins

(WORTH $47)

Using plugins is necessary for a well-functioning WordPress website. We’ve gathered the best possible plugins for over 40 features. We are constantly monitoring them to offer the best solutions to your problems.

If you’re still thinking, get involved right away! It will be your best investment because you will learn it. For sure. 🙂 These guys will teach you. The learning materials are built up logically, with high-quality videos, everything explained clearly. Supported by the texts and descriptions, the lessons are even more understandable and processable.

If you have any questions, Attila, Bence, and other students will honestly and willingly help you in the Facebook group.

Viktor Kovari

I first heard about the course back in 2017 and after the first few videos, I knew that I made the right decision when I joined. Lots of information, learning materials, and extras, with easy-to-digest, informative, non-techie language: these things make this course ideal for absolute beginners too.

I don’t know any similar offer with so many learning materials for such a good price and moreover, with lifetime access. Don’t hesitate, join the WPViking community! 🙂

Szilvia Kristof-Varga

Odin Layout Pack

(Worth $97)

I researched hundreds of pages to figure out what are the most used sections. From this and with our experience, we built a layout pack so you can easily analyze the Divi settings and to be able to build your own pages.

1600+ Viking student

who built there website with our help.

1600+ Viking student

who built there website with our help.

Who will help you?

Attila Nagy

Co-Founder, CEO

I am Attila Nagy, and I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of WPViking. I will be the one who guides you along the way in the video lessons. I will show you all topics, lessons and steps that you need for your website building journey.

You should know about me that I don’t know much about coding. So, although it’s been a while since I have finished my first website, I still feel what you’re going through.

In 2014, I found out that my passions are online marketing and building businesses. I know how difficult it is to be alone in this world without deeper technical knowledge, but I also know it’s not impossible to prosper.

I’ve been involved in building a lot of small businesses, so I know exactly what challenges you are facing.

I promised to create the course I would have needed at the beginning of my own WordPress journey.

I can’t describe how good it feels to see the websites of our students, that were built with our help.

I hope I can help you too!

Bence Nagy

Co-Founder, CTO

I am Bence Nagy and I am responsible for the more technical WordPress settings.

In addition to WPViking, I also work as a web designer at my own agency. I have created more than 200 sites, both alone and in a team.

In the video courses you won’t see me, but I work in the background with my brother to create the best lessons.

First and foremost, I have provided great help in design and various technical solutions, which will be essential to build modern, clean, and user-friendly websites.

I build everything with Divi, so I know the theme in and out.

My goal is to reach the highest level in everything I do.

I have to tell you that I have NEVER written a letter like this. There is no reason for that, I’m just not that type. I have been working in the field of marketing for more than 15 years, I have already done everything and much more. 😀

When I wanted a new website for my clients, there was always something wrong with the process. Everything was so cumbersome, and the expert who I loved to work with after some time was too swamped. So I started learning. It’s not a secret that your course wasn’t the first one in this topic that I applied for. I have already finished another one and it was also good BUT I got the most useful skills for what I needed the most form you.

Thanks to constant improvements and updates, it is fantastic to be able to keep up with this rushing world. Today I was surprised that I got an answer for my question is 5 minutes. I usually try to solve everything by myself, but in this case, I made it too complicated and something didn’t work, but Bence and the Facebook group solved this problem in the blink of an eye.

In short: thank you!

Just keep going, I will remain your soulful fan.

Anita Szabo-Hornos

I wanted to learn WordPress for years, as I took part in editing quite a few websites,  but as I know nothing about programming, I was always scared to do anything on the admin panel.

I was really happy to discover that I don’t need to be a programmer to build a working website. When someone in my family needed a business website I knew it was time to start learning WordPress and I had no doubt that I will finish the entire process from beginning to end.

It’s not a secret that I would like to make it my profession in the future, as I love to express my creativity. It was also a big advantage that we won’t need any external help with the website not only during the building but also during any future changes.

What I really love is that I can manage my own time, I can go back to any lessons or topics in the future, there is always somebody in the Facebook group who can help me if I’m stuck (I have experienced it many times and I’m really thankful for that), and I hope I will be able to help others in the future!

To sum up, I was given a huge boost by completing the course and I enjoyed the time spent creating the website. Thank you for the knowledge I was able to acquire through your course.

Julia Mikola

Frequently Asked Questions

We have thought ahead and gathered a lot of questions that you may have about the course. Take your time to read them, we hope you will find answers to all your questions here.

If you haven’t, just write us an email to hello@wpviking.com. We read every letter and respond to everyone. 🙂

Is it okay to study strictly online?

Not at all!

You can rewind the videos at any time and you can do the tasks with me. Plus, you watch videos as many times as you want.

These days, this method is the best, most effective, and least-expensive learning method. More than 100.000 people have learned to use WordPress this way and can create beautiful, cash-generating websites with it.

You will see everything I do on my computer, and this way you will be able to keep up with me easily. I highlight all the important parts and tell you exactly what, where, and how to do.

We’ve also included text guides for the videos, so if you’d rather follow the description once you’ve watched the video, it is also possible. 🙂

I am not a computer wizard. Are you sure it will work for me?

Of course!

Whether you’re in Generation Y or you’re already over 50, you’ll be able to learn the same way.

You will need some really basic computer skills. If you can use Word and if you have ever played with lego, then you will definitely succeed.

As you will see exactly what I’m doing and I explain everything in detail, I’m 100% sure that you will be able to do what you see on the screen.

I don't have much time to learn. Isn't that a problem?

Our courses don’t have a time limit, so you don’t need to finish it in one week. The goal is not to finish it as soon as possible but to successfully accomplish everything at your own pace.

You can watch all lessons in a weekend, some of our students did it that way. However, if you need 1-2 months, it is also okay.

And if you need some extra motivation, just let us know, and we will pay special attention to you not to stop progressing accidentally 😉 The best prevention is, however, to be an active member in the private Facebook group of our students.

Won't the videos be poor quality?

I know exactly how bad it is to watch bad-quality, grainy videos, so I considered it important to make Full HD videos for the lessons. This way, your eyes won’t hurt from watching the videos and you can enjoy them on any device.

I prefer to learn from text lessons. Do you have any of them?

Below the videos, you can find the text version of the lessons in a blog post-style, with screenshots. In many cases, it is much easier to find something in these, and some students like the text version more than the videos. If you feel the same, then we won’t disappoint you.

Will you provide updates?

As WordPress is constantly improving, your website will never be “fully” ready, you will always have to do something new or change something. For that reason, we can never stop: we are constantly creating new lessons, and improving the existing ones, keeping every information up to date.

If I find a new tool or a better solution for the different steps then I update the videos. You can access these updates later at any time for free.

Nowadays, it is customary to ask for a monthly or annual fee for everything. Well, we don’t follow that trend!  You get LIFETIME access to all the lessons, checklists, and bonuses of your package!

I don't want to learn programming. Will it still work?

Yes, you can create perfect websites without programming.

When I started to learn WordPress, it was my biggest fear, too. 🙂

Believe it or not, I can’t program either.

Then how is it possible that I can teach you such a techie subject?

I mastered all the necessary steps of website building and I learned to present it in a way that an average user can also do it.

We create the materials with my brother, Bence, who works as a web designer and has already created several hundreds of websites. I know how hard it is to find the common language with professionals. I have “translated” all the lessons to human language, and we broke everything into smaller steps, so you can learn really effectively with us, without programming.

I don't want to create my website alone. Is it still worth completing the course?


Many students joined us simply because they didn’t want to be fooled by the overpriced offers of the programmers.

There are many who don’t want to do everything alone and would love to outsource the task, but only dare to do if they have a good, comprehensive view of WordPress and how it works.

Will I be able to create a website for others based on what I have learned?

Basically yes, but of course you have to find the answer to the individual needs.

You will get a really strong fundament that you can’t get anywhere else, but there will always be some special needs that you can master by surfing the web. Unfortunately, we can’t teach you everything, that would be several hundreds of learning materials. We teach 80% of website creation, but first, you have to be a bit more independent especially when you start working for clients.

How can I be sure that I won't learn unnecessary things?

The problem with many courses is that they discuss thousands of mainly unnecessary details without any selection. It’s true that WordPress has several different parts, but right before building your very first website, it wouldn’t be appropriate to turn you into a WordPress web developer.

 We have designed the structure and content of our courses to focus on the steps you shouldn’t miss. We tell and show you everything you need to know, yet I’ll walk you through the process of building a website without stuffing your head with unnecessary info.

It doesn’t mean we leave you alone with your problems. If you have any questions, challenges, difficulties, you can discuss them in the private Facebook group of our students.

Can I buy the courses separately?

The structure of a website consists of several steps, different pillars. These courses based on each other, so, unfortunately, you can’t buy them separately.

How long can I access the learning materials?

You will have a lifetime access to the learning materials, so you can watch them anytime in your private account. There is no mothly or annual fee.

How can I watch the videos?

You can watch the videos online, on a membership website, that only students can access.

You can watch them on your laptop, tablet or even on your phone. I recommend that if you’re studying, don’t watch your favourite series at the same time, but it depends on you and your learning style 🙂

I have already started learning WordPress on my own. Will the course still be useful?


If you are learning on your own, you can form some really bad habits that need to be corrected later. The worst thing is that you don’t know what you missed, what are the things that you should have done differently.

I also started studying alone, and later, when I learned the best solutions, everything has changed for me.

I started to do things much faster. I could finish tasks in 20 minutest that took 2 hours before. My website became much better technically and the different pages were nicer and more user-friendly.

Can I get help if I'm stuck?

The goal of our Facebook group is to help those who face any difficulties. However, you should watch all the videos first, because there is a good reason they are built up like that.

In most cases another student answers the questions right away, but we are also there to help you.

How long does it take to finish all the courses?

Each course has a lenght that means how much time it takes to watch the videos.

The point is to put the knowledge into practice. The time it takes depends on the complexity of your project. If  we consider a regular business website, it takes approximately 50 hours in addition, which includes planning, building and testing.

With 10 hours of learning you can create your website in about a month.

The time you have to spend on the business-themed lessons depends on how deep you go into the practical part. You can easily progress the theoretical part in 2-3 weeks and from that point it depends on your business how you incorporate what you have learned.

Will it be expensive to start my website? I'm afraid to put my money into something unfamiliar.

It isn’t expensive at all! It is even a good investment if you do it as a hobby. I have tried several hobbies, so I can tell you for sure that it is one of the least expensive ones. 🙂

For the start, you need a domain name and a host. Depending on the quality and complexity of the service provider and the service, it costs about $45 – $135 per month.

The WordPress content management system is completely free.

If you would like to build a professional website, you will need a theme for WordPress, and this will be your only major one-time cost when you start. It is for at least one year, but you can also buy one with a lifetime access. This option is still cheaper than a two-month fitness pass.

To sum up, you need to invest about $150 at the beginning and later your web project will cost about $10 per month. As we give you several paid plugins, that are worth using, it will be a very cheap project after all.

Is it hard to learn to use WordPress?

Let’s just say it’s not hard with us.

I won’t lie: you won’t learn to use the system in 1-2 hours. Please don’t fall for those who claim to make you a WordPress wizard in 2 hours.

The point is to put what you see in the videos into practice.

If you patiently watch all the videos and do what you have seen as homework, then you will handle the different functions of WordPress confidently in 2-3 weeks.

I’m sure that with our courses I can teach ANYONE how to manage WordPress at the user level.

Don’t worry if you can watch the videos only after work or on the weekends. You will progress in the same way and eventually reach your goal, only a little slower. 🙂 The goal is not to finish it as soon as possible, but to accomplish everything precisely at your own pace.

It will be a really enjoyable journey: at first, you won’t have an idea where the different settings are, but after a while, you will be familiar with the whole system, and finally, you will be the proud owner of your website that you have built by yourself.

Do the courses provide a valuable knowledge?

If you run your own business then you are mainly learning for yourself. To be more and of course to save money on a task that you can easily do yourself. 

Many companies pay a considerable amount every month to a developer just to update the system and publish 1-2 new blog posts. With the help of our courses, you can easily do these things by yourself.

 If you prefer to be an employee and you apply for a job, I have good news: WordPress knowledge is more and more valuable.

Keeping theit online marketing in mind, businesses are switching to WordPress system one after another. If you become a candidate who no longer needs an explanation about how the system works, your prospective bosses will compete with each other to get you because they know you can be a very helpful colleague in a short amount of time.

I can’t promise that you will be a web developer after the course, because I won’t teach you programming. But if you adopt the things I show you in the videos and continue learning from other sources as well, you will be able to create WordPress websites for your customers.

Our courses are a great help and a real stepping stone to success.

30-day money-back guarantee

30-day Money-back Guarantee

I truly believe that our courses and can teach anyone to use WordPress so within 30 days if you feel that this is not for you, simply email us and we will return the entire price of your purchase without any questions.

We are sure that we have collected a bunch of tips and tricks in the courses that will make you 100% satisfied!

Constant updates, lifetime access

Constant updates, lifetime access

You do not have to pay a monthly or annual fee. We are constantly updating our videos if something changes in the meantime. WordPress, themes, and plugins are continually updated, but we always try to ensure that you learn from up-to-date lessons.

If you have been around the market, you probably realized how unique our offer is. Lifetime access with continuous updates and one-time payment. It’s rare like a Viking who can’t use the axe.

Odin Package

Make your dreams come true!

Odin Package


Preparation course (1+ hour)  – worth $47

WordPress Blueprint (4+ hours) – worth $297

Divi course (3+ hours)  – worth $297

Functions and bonuses

Lifetime access

Constant updates

Closed Facebook support group

5+ workbook, cheatsheet – worth $47

WordPress Plugin Library – worth $47

Odin Layout Pack – worth $97

$832 $497


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