I’ve already tried creating a WordPress site. I spent a lot of time and in hindsight, I missed a lot of important settings.

In the WPViking courses, I liked to go through a structured blueprint. I would have no chance of creating my website without the courses.

When I started, I didn’t know Divi, but it was a love become first sight. I went to an advanced level with the courses easily, at my own pace.

But WPViking is not just a course. For me, the tremendous advantage of lifetime access is that if I get stuck in something, I will surely find the solution in the lessons not just now. After years too.

I just finished the WordPress Blueprint course recently, but I already see it’s worth buying.

There are a lot of little things you don’t think of as a beginner, and of course, the “main spine” of the website building is described in detail.

Successful Website Creation = WPViking!

The courses are a tremendous help when you are building websites with WordPress.

I’ve redesigned all my sites based on what I learned here!

I was able to master a fundamental knowledge of WordPress.

Most of all, I liked the practicality in the lessons.

Based on the videos, a website can be set up smoothly, and I really liked the point of reference for SEO and marketing aspects, security, and plugins to use, right from the start.

I really liked the founder guys, they were very helpful and I’ve got a lot of ideas and solutions for my website in the closed Facebook group.

I’ve bought a couple of online courses in recent years on various online marketing topics. However, I am sure that none of the courses was so well-structured and understandable than WPViking, though I always bought great courses…

I could say that I was on level zero with web development when I started. I gave myself 2 weeks to achieve results with the tutorials. On the 3rd day, I already had a working website, which is clearly unexpectable.

The curriculum is so detailed and easy to understand that I was shocked why I delayed joining WPViking for 5 months.

Youthful, dynamic, professionally well-prepared team.

In both videos and blog posts, I can claim to be masters of their field without exaggeration.

It was a great decision when I chose the WPViking courses to create my website! I had to build a page quickly, and I had never done a WordPress website until then. The time was quite pressing. I immediately bought a web host and the Divi theme, and I immediately start working.

Logically, understandably, step by step, Attila helped a lot on the rough paths of WordPress, which I would not have started alone inexperienced.

Since then, I’m grateful to myself that I have paid for the courses and built my website quickly.

Before I became a WPViking student, I got stuck in building my WordPress website. My blog was working, but it wasn’t any special.

However, since the courses I have been growing steadily, getting better and better and discovering little tricks. That is because of the help of the inspiring community and Viking team.

I had been fighting WordPress for a year when I found WPViking. First, I watched the videos for about 2 weeks. After that, I bought the Divi theme and put our website together in 1 month while working in 2 jobs and editing all the graphic elements on the go.

The lessons are easy-to-understand for a non-techie too. I now have a good understanding of the WordPress logic and I really like it. Thanks for it!

The step-by-step instructions on building and creating my own website were amazing. Lots of useful information, short and concise lessons, clear explanations. I am very pleased with the help and guidance.

I’m in the online marketing world for a long time. In theory, I always knew what I wanted to see when I was building my site. I’ve always told this to a programmer, but the result was still disappointing. Also, the building process was incredibly slow, and I had to wait for weeks for fixes.

When I found WPViiking, I already knew I needed it. I bought the largest package straight away, and after 2 weeks the page I wanted was already there. It looked like how I wanted.

The educational videos are excellent and clear. I got knowledge from the team that I’ve always dreamed of.

I’m not focusing on your kindness or helpfulness, because I think that whoever deals with people is natural.

For those of you who I recommend the WPViking courses, I’ll tell you that I’ve been depressed for years to make a website for my businesses. I am naturally a creative person, and I also strive for maximalism in my work, so after I outreached for some web designers I knew, I had to do it alone. I would have driven them crazy in the long run, because I just have to try a thousand variations, to find the “AHA” feeling I always expect to do during my work.

I watched a lot of videos, invested in some courses unnecessarily, by the time I found WPViking. I LOVE IT! I have been studying online for years, but I have not yet met with such a professionally prepared material. The pace and length of the videos are excellent. The language is understandable and easy to follow. Often I made the current settings at the same time as playing the video. I am complicated, I have often changed my website, but with the help of the WPViking videos, my working website was completed in 3 weeks. Slowly to the end of the course, I haven’t met a problem that I couldn’t have solved with the videos or the excellent “WPViking Facebook Group” so far.

Thank you very much!

Before WPViking I spent days to figure out a single solution in Divi. I thought I could learn to use it alone, which was partly true.

However, when I started designing better websites, I encountered obstacles that I could not solve without the WPViking.

The Facebook group is impressive, everyone is incredibly helpful, not to mention the team!

I was thinking a lot about which theme to choose, but finally, I decided on Divi. My website is almost ready and I have no regrets about my decision. I am especially pleased with the WPViking video tutorials, without which it would have taken much longer.

If you have no idea about websites, or you are not confident with your knowledge, then it would be good to see it in a system. WPViking is going to help you for sure.

I am very proud of my website because I think it has been super and I have received a bunch of positive feedback from others. I worked a lot with it, but it was worth it because it really became and even better than I imagined at the beginning.

The courses were amazing, understandable, and practical. Attila can explain the technical stuff that a beginner will quickly understand.

I have to say that I have already paid for a few courses, and I have often experienced that the lessons I received have become obsolete in the meantime. However, there are plenty of updates at the WPViking, which is a significant advantage over others.

I bought the Divi theme, it’s really easy to use. There are many creative features in it. When I got stuck somewhere, I immediately got help from the Divi support team or the WPViking Facebook group.

I like lifetime membership because I can search for videos at any time. It is invaluable that I don’t have to wait for a developer! If I want to change something on my website, I’ll do it alone.

Although I have been doing graphic design for 20 years, the web design was far from me. From time to time I tried: HTML and Dreamweaver with not a lot of success.

Finally, WPViking helped me to build my first website. By now I think the picture has come together, and after building 5-6 sites, I take new web design projects with great pleasure.

The WordPress system can be easily understood by you, and you can explain it in detail in the order in which it is structured.

I think the Odin Layout Pack is the best, especially the continuous improvements are amazing. I really love it.

The team that has been built up is also a great help to draw on the questions and comments. Your help is quick and problem-solving.

Congratulations on your courses and thank you for being part of the lifetime access.

At first, I used Drupal for years, and I didn’t understand why I’m not able to make websites like what I see daily. I decided and switched.

I started exploring WordPress and bought Divi, and fortunately, I found your courses.

The first 2 courses are compulsory for everyone.
Most of all, I was captured by the lesson about design. I always knew that to plan the design is essential. This lesson was so well-structured, it helped tremendously. I’ve been using your website planning workbook since then.

Thank you for your work!