Aniko Czirjak
I’m not focusing on your kindness or helpfulness, because I think that whoever deals with people is natural. For those of you who I recommend the WPViking courses, I’ll tell you that I’ve been depressed for years to make a website for my businesses. I am naturally a creative person, and I also strive for maximalism in my work, so after I outreached for some web designers I knew, I had to do it alone. I would have driven them crazy in the long run, because I just have to try a thousand variations, to find the “AHA” feeling I always expect to do during my work. I watched a lot of videos, invested in some courses unnecessarily, by the time I found WPViking. I LOVE IT! I have been studying online for years, but I have not yet met with such a professionally prepared material. The pace and length of the videos are excellent. The language is understandable and easy to follow. Often I made the current settings at the same time as playing the video. I am complicated, I have often changed my website, but with the help of the WPViking videos, my working website was completed in 3 weeks. Slowly to the end of the course, I haven’t met a problem that I couldn’t have solved with the videos or the excellent “WPViking Facebook Group” so far. Thank you very much!