Edina Balogh
I am very proud of my website because I think it has been super and I have received a bunch of positive feedback from others. I worked a lot with it, but it was worth it because it really became and even better than I imagined at the beginning. The courses were amazing, understandable, and practical. Attila can explain the technical stuff that a beginner will quickly understand. I have to say that I have already paid for a few courses, and I have often experienced that the lessons I received have become obsolete in the meantime. However, there are plenty of updates at the WPViking, which is a significant advantage over others. I bought the Divi theme, it's really easy to use. There are many creative features in it. When I got stuck somewhere, I immediately got help from the Divi support team or the WPViking Facebook group. I like lifetime membership because I can search for videos at any time. It is invaluable that I don't have to wait for a developer! If I want to change something on my website, I'll do it alone.