A few years ago, creating websites was a terribly complicated and challenging task. Few were able to learn. Today, fortunately, we live in a more developed world, where WordPress has been created so building a website without coding has become available to everyone.

You may have heard of WordPress, but there are certainly a lot of questions in your head for the first time. Let’s see what WordPress can do for you!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free web-based software that lets you create any kind of websites without programming.

It’s started in 2003 as a blog engine but has gone through incredible developments in recent years. Today, more than 70 million pages are running on this system, which is more than 30% of all existing websites in the world. Not a bad, right?

More and more people want to have their own website and start looking for a solution, how to do it simply and cost-effectively.

It’s easy to start, easy to learn and cheaper, than an average hobby. You can build your website with clicks and using a simple “drag and drop” based creation. This makes the whole system incredibly user-friendly.

But WordPress is not just about that.

What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

You can check the difference in more detail here but here is a shorter version:

  • WordPress.com is free in the beginning but it’s a paid service from the creators of WordPress.org. It’s super easy to start but you lose all the juicy stuff why people love WordPress.
  • WordPress.org is usually called the self-hosted WordPress. It’s free and you can install it to your web host to create a website that you actually own. This is what we want 😉

Nearly all the time when you hear “WordPress”, it’s the self-hosted version from WordPress.org.

We are going to talk about this in the following.

How WordPress changed web design?

If you wanted your own website a couple of years ago, you had to hire programmers or web development agencies to do it for you. If you wanted a knowledgeable team and quality work, you had to get deep into your pocket.

The programmer you hired could simply have disappeared and left your projects. In this case, it was very difficult to find a new developer who was able to take over the work that had already begun, because different programmers used different methods.

In addition, you paid not only to build your website. You had to stay in touch with the contractors for further changes and improvements.

No matter how small you wanted to change, you had to start talking to your developer. As far as you knew, you summed up what you wanted, then waited and waited until the team made the expected changes.

And most of the times the result was not as you imagined.

If you are building your own website, this communication squirrel will not take you away for a minute.

Why is WordPress is good for everyone?

WordPress is a system that creates a perfect bridge between a programmer and an average user.

Everyone can learn it at least on a basic user level.

In addition, if you have the enthusiasm and patience and you are ready to assemble your own website completely alone, then you will not find a better system than WordPress.

It is also a very good choice if you do not want to create your website completely alone, but you definitely want to make small changes yourself.

WordPress is very well supporting these.

If you need to connect a more complicated plugin to your website you can find help easily.

Usually, online tools can be integrated with WordPress easily, but if you still need some help, you can choose from tens of thousands of developers. It is incredibly reassuring that you can find quality help even if you don’t want to do it alone or if you need some special solution.

How does WordPress work?

One of the most important and greatest advantages of WordPress is that it is completely FREE.

You don’t have to spend a penny on WordPress but I don’t want to lie. You have to pay for a few things, you can check it here how much money is to build a WordPress website.

It’s amazingly cheap compared to the success you can achieve with it.

You might have heard that WordPress is a CMS. It means Content Management System which means you can control your content. You have control over your images, posts, pages, and you can access and manage it with a web browser (such as Google Chrome).

WordPress is an open source system, which means that the system is accessible to everyone to improve the code. Anyone in the world who has the power and the desire to do so can develop their code and create new features and solutions for WordPress.

With a lot of professional developers working on it, there are constantly new innovations that make it easier and easier for you to use the system.

With every little development, it becomes easier for us (who don’t know a lot or anything about coding) to build a modern, well-functioning website for themselves or for clients.

Developers are building lots of themes and plugins to help you to build websites without coding. This makes the whole system very flexible. You can create a simpler blog in a few hours, but you can upgrade it to an eCommerce store anytime.

What other features does WordPress have?

SEO Optimized

Matt Cutts, Google WebSpam Team Leader (who knows 1-2 things about search engine optimization ) said: “WordPress is a fantastic choice. It takes care of 80-90% of the mechanics of SEO!

That’s why WordPress is amazing because it makes it easy for Google’s crawlers to search your site. Just by using WordPress, you are more likely to be in the top of search results. The whole system was designed for SEO.

Responsive, mobile-friendly design

More than half of internet users use phones to visit websites. It is a huge disadvantage for those who ignore this.

As the creator of a website, you must make sure that your site is not only for desktop monitors but also on for tablets and smartphones.

That why responsiveness is important. Fortunately, WordPress automatically provides you with this. While you create your page, you don’t have to make any extra settings, and the end result will be automatically responsive. Cool, right?

Do not believe the rumours! WordPress is secure!

The only counter-argument that is being used against WordPress is that it is “unsafe”. This is not the case at all, but in order to understand why they say many times, we have to see things deep.

Because WordPress is a completely free system, there are a lot of people using it without basic knowledge. No wonder they and their websites will be the first victim of hacks.

WordPress is a secure system, but in order for it to be, you have to make some easy settings. You have to take certain precautions.

Is it complicated things? No.

15 minutes, and your web site will be 99.9% hacker-proof.

Simple integration

As you set more and more goals, you will widen the range of tools you will need. Fortunately, different marketing tools can be easily integrated with WordPress. You can easily integrate your email marketing software, your online payment solution, billing system etc.

It is a huge advantage if we look at the fact that for an older HTML web page cannot use these easily and only your developer will be able to build it, for a lot of big money.

Beautiful websites for anyone

I am not a designer, yet I have found a solution for creating beautiful websites.

If you stay with me while building your website, I’ll show you how to get inspiration and ideas for creating your website, and how you can easily design amazing pages to your own project.

The main part of the work will be done by your theme and page builder. If you choose a professional one, you can use professionally built layouts so you will only have to replace a few images and text.

Small and large companies use it

Simple blogs to big business, everyone use WordPress such as

Everyone can find the best way to use it. However, perhaps the system is the most popular among small businesses. It is a perfect investment for them because they can really make a quality website alone, which is a great way to support their marketing and sales.

You can sell stuff on your website for free

Online sales are bigger than ever, so the eCommerce stores sales potential is increasing.

You can create a webshop with the free WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores with more than 64 million installs!

Conclusion – What is WordPress?

It is the best way to build a website. And this is true for a number of reasons.

Everyone can learn it, it’s flexible, it’s cheap and you can get a lot of help for creating your site.

If you need help, start our free WordPress online course down below.