If you are thinking about starting your own website, you probably are interested in the costs. Here, I describe the different costs that may have come up. I talk about the hidden or not obvious costs too because it sucks to start it and realize it that it takes more money to have a working system.

The first website costs the most money because you have to buy all of the tools. If you build more than one site, the second one will cost the fragment compared to the first one. I’ll help you figure out everything.

Let the math begin.

Website Builder: Free

We talk about building a site with self-hosted WordPress.org. If you need more knowledge about WordPress, check this post.

It’s completely free, so we are good to go.

Domain Name ~ $15 / year

A domain name is what you type in your browser to access different websites, such as wpviking.com

You need to register one for all of your websites.

If you are thinking about domain names, choose based on theese:

  • Your brand name
  • Your audience
  • Is it easy to spell?
  • Are you using the right domain extension?

There are different extensions. The best choice for the international market is .com but you can have success with a different one too.

Check Namecheap for availability.

If a domain is already occupied, you can see who bought it with Whois.

If your dream domain name is taken, it may be possible to buy it from its owner. This is usually quite expensive fun but sometimes it’s worth it. I bought wpviking.com for $700. It depends on your situation.

A regular .com website usually costs around $15 / year. That is pretty cheap.

Hosting: $50-$315 / year

Your website has to live somewhere and you need web hosting for that.

Choosing a web host is a difficult task. It is very important because it greatly influences the speed and security of your website. I help you choose the best web host for your needs here.

In the beginning, it’s almost always Siteground is the best choice. There plan starts $3.95/month and they provide amazing features compared to the price.

If you need a very professional solution and you have a lot of money, choose WPEngine. It starts at 31.50/month or $315/year with our discount.

You probably read more articles about hosting and I know it’s a tough choice. They try to sell you a lot of unnecessary features so be careful.

If you choose Siteground, in the beginning, you are going to be fine. Here is a tutorial where I show you how to buy a package and install WordPress the easiest way.

Well, that’s what you’ll definitely need to build a website. But I highly recommend you to buy a great premium theme.

Premium Theme: $70/year or $224 for lifetime

A great theme is the essence of WordPress. You lose all the positive qualities of it if you don’t invest in the best one.

With our years of experience and research, I guarantee you that Divi is one of the best choices. You can check our review about Divi here.It’s the perfect choice for almost everyone.

Fortunately, I got an exclusive sale for the theme, so you can get it for $70 in an annual offer or for $224 if you want lifetime access.

You can use the theme on any number of domains or websites. We built hundreds of sites with it. Best investment ever.

Pro tip: Buy Divi for $70 in the beginning. If you are satisfied, upgrade in the first year to the lifetime access for $160. All-in-all it’s $230 but you don’t have to invest a lot at the start.

These are the tools that you need for a professional website. For the first year it costs:

Web hosting$50
Divi theme$70
All in all$145

Compared to the possibilities what you can achieve with a site with these tools, $145 is an amazing price.

Other Costs

The previous calculation was for a simple website if you do everything yourself and you do not hire a designer, a programmer. A basic website that does not need any custom function can be built from this amount easily.

I also collect the extra costs that are may still be needed.

It is important to see the full picture and calculate what your financial costs will be over time.

SSL: Free

The SSL certificate is much needed nowadays. It makes more secure the storing and sharing of the data on your website.

A lot of technical things happens behind the scenes, visually it pops an “s” letter to your domain name so it starts https instead of http.

Siteground and WPEngine offer this service for free, so you don’t have to worry about it. Some web hosts may charge money for this so it’s better to clear it.

CDN – Content Delivery System: Free

It’s a little bit like the SSL. You can buy it for money but you can use a free service called Cloudflare.

The service helps you to load your website quicker from all around the world.

They have paid plans too but the free is more than enough.

It’s easy to integrate with the recommended web hosts. It takes about 3 minutes.

Plugins: Free to $1,000

Plugins are extra features for your website. There are more than 50,000 free ones but you find excellent paid ones too. Usually, these help you to make more money.

What you will exactly need? Here comes a boring “it depends”. It’s true though, it depends on what functions you want on your websites.

But it’s not like you have to pay for every little feature. Most of the features can be solved with a free plugin. Trust me, we tried hundreds of them.

Actually, we have a list of more than 40 plugins for different needs. You can get the list by joining our WordPress course.

There are no paid plugins what you definitely need for a regular website.

Paid plugins are usually for creating a Membership site, an eCommerce store, getting more leads, creating affiliate links, a booking system so more advanced stuff.

If you pay for something, it’s going to come back multiple times. Of course, if you use the recommended plugins.

Email Marketing Software: Free to $100s / month

Building an email list from the start is crucial.

You have to use a 3rd party tool for getting sign-up for your newsletter.

There’s a free offer from Mailchimp which is one of the biggest email marketing software. You can use it for free up to 2000 emails.

It’s good to start but I recommend Active Campaign. We use it too. It is easy to use for beginners but you can also build complicated systems too. It’s cheap but knows a lot.

Programmer: $20-100 / hour

Due to the brutal increase in demand, the hourly fee for good programmers is starting to get into the sky.

They create automatic systems in a matter of hours, which can save you hundreds of hours and dollars.

For a regular site, you don’t need them. You can use plugins or other tools for solving most of the problems. But you will probably get to the point when you want something unique for your website.

Do not be afraid to hire a programmer. It is easy to create special web pages without them, but sometimes, you need help. They worth it in the long run.

Designer: $20-100 / hour

The design is super important. Someone has a better eye for great graphics someone has worse. For example, I see what looks good, but I find it very difficult to create something beautiful.

You can get inspiration from other websites, that works well.

Depending on your project, you will probably need at least a logo. It’s worth to pay for it because it’s the cornerstone of your brand.

If you have very little money, you can just use fiverrr for a cheap one or you can do it yourself with Canva.

However, it is important to mention that a good graphic designer can help a lot and do not underestimate their work at all.

If you have the budget, a good designer can make wonders to your website. If you don’t, you can use the professionally made layouts by your theme.

How much is it to start the 2nd site

In the beginning, I said that the first website is always the most expensive. Many people want to create websites for clients or work on multiple projects.

Fortunately, the 2nd site will be much cheaper than the first one.

It will cost around $30 instead of $145. This is because if you purchased the smallest package from your web host, then you need to upgrade it store more sites there. In addition, you must register a new domain. That is all. You can use the Divi theme for an infinite number of projects so you no longer have to spend it on this.

After that, you only need to buy a new domain if you want a 3rd website. That is 15 bucks.

Of course, there will be paid plugins where you have to pay more for the second website, you can outgrow your web hosting space, but basically, I have recommended tools that can be used several times if you have to switch to something else.


There are several different costs on a website, but there are free plugins for almost everything. If it’s not enough, then there is a very cheap paid tool that really satisfies all your wishes.

To start your first website you need a minimum of $145 a year which is $12 a month. I think this is more than reasonable.

I hope I helped to figure out what you really need.